As I write the Spectral Inspector books, I can SEE what's happening. Almost always, it's accompanied by music. So I've compiled a soundtrack for y'all and hope it captures the flavor of the books.

Osgood Riddance

The Spectral Inspector, Book II


Prudence Osgood returns from her perplexing disappearance in the highly-anticipated sequel to Osgood as Gone, dragging along more baggage than ever before. Her friends Zack and Audrey, the makeshift Spectral Inspector crew in her absence, don't quickly believe that things are back to normal. But when they realize that a monstrous being from the space between worlds has hitched a ride back to their realm, Osgood and her team must stand together against the emergent evil that threatens to destroy them all, putting their sanity and lives on the line.

Featuring Cooper S. Beckett's trademark dark humor and masterfully vulnerable storytelling, Osgood Riddance is a thrilling 21st Century horror story that is sexier, funnier, gorier, and more action-packed than the first book. Fans of the series will delight in Osgood's snarky wit and the well-written LGBTQ+ characters that add depth and complexity to the story. This sequel pulls no punches and surpasses the original, delivering an even more intense and emotionally gripping tale of supernatural horror.

Don't miss out on the next chapter of The Spectral Inspector series of supernatural horror mysteries. Perfect for fans of the genre, this bourbon-soaked supernatural mystery is a must-read for anyone looking for an emotional journey into the world of paranormal investigations.

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16 reviews for Osgood Riddance

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  1. I didn’t love this quite as much as the first Osgood book but it’s still damn hood. A perfect sequel to book 1, like the Aliens to its Alien. It’s less creepy, more fast paced and continues to evolve its central character, the wonderful Prudence. I’m going straight into book 3!

  2. Just another masterpiece!

    This book is unique, haunting and breathtaking (in both the good way and the bad)!

    The mysteries keep coming and following Osgood, Audrey, Zach and the newcomer Albrecht on their journey through the paranormal and its worlds are exciting, scary and amazing!

    I loved this book just as much as the first and it had me gripped and struggling to put it down! If I loved the characters before, I love them even more now and they are so very real and beautiful in their both simple yet complex personalities.

    This book is at times very gross (in the best Horror book way possible) and at times very philosophical But through it all its puzzling and riveting!

    The Spectral Inspectors have a new Spectorino and I cant wait to read all of the next books to come!!

  3. A good follow up to the first book.

    The first was definitely creepier but this one also didn’t disappoint.

    Would definitely recommend the series

  4. I liked this plot better than book 1 however I had so much going on while reading it that it took forever to get through. I'm excited to see where book 3 goes

  5. I'm sure the first book wore as many of its influences on its sleeve, and perhaps I just wasn't as aware of them as in this one, but for me it felt like this second book is just a grab-bag of horror tropes loosely connected by the fallout of the first book. Still walking the line of “Is it gratuitous or is it realistic?” and I'm giving up on the benefit of the doubt, especially when the sapphic sex scenes are behind closed doors. Just lends a strange sense of inconsistency through the book.

    AND YET, the book felt extremely short and readable, as it moves like a river of melted butter. Probably why all the little things get to me.

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