Once an exciting up-and-coming star of the burgeoning paranormal investigation TV genre, now Prudence Osgood finds herself as a barely functioning alcoholic living in daily pain, both physical, from a car accident nearly twenty years ago, and emotional, from the loss of Audrey Frost, her partner and best friend, over an ill-advised hoax. When a random cryptic email shows up in her inbox, she must begin an investigation that is far more sinister than it initially seems, and far more connected to the last two decades of her own life than she could ever imagine.​

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I am Prudence Osgood, The Spectral Inspector.

I come from a family of liars and cheats. The Osgoods were grifters, way back. My grandfather’s father, mother. Lilian and Ernest, The Psychic Osgoods, who for two bits would bring you into their parlor and call forth your deceased family members from the margins. Your spectral relations would manifest with a shake of the table, or a flicker of the lights. If you were lucky, you’d maybe even get an ectoplasmic photograph. They didn’t believe a word of what they were saying, of course. Their fraud was a cynical cash grab. Telling people what they wanted to hear based on observation and the theater of lucky guesses.

While they would’ve argued they’re bringing peace to those who came to them. And isn’t even imaginary peace, imaginary glimpses beyond this life, worth some cash? The church would certainly agree with that in private if not public.

I am not a fraud. I want to prove the existence of an afterlife to bring peace to billions.

About the Author

Cooper S. Beckett

As a queer non-monogamous writer, Cooper S. Beckett endeavors to create characters that reflect the diverse lifestyles of his friends, his partners, and himself. Putting those characters in mortal and mental danger from cosmic horrors is all the better. From a young age, his obsession with horror movies and books seriously concerned his mother. It probably still does. Given a choice he would rather winter at the Overlook than the Waldorf. Like Lydia Deetz, he has always thought of himself strange and unusual, and is thrilled to be putting that foot forward in this his first horror novel.

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