As I write the Spectral Inspector books, I can SEE what's happening. Almost always, it's accompanied by music. So I've compiled a soundtrack for y'all and hope it captures the flavor of the books.

Osgood as Gone

The Spectral Inspector, Book I


Once, Osgood and Frost were the up-and-coming stars of the burgeoning paranormal investigation TV show craze before a hoax put an end to their friendship, partnership, and television careers. Now, over a decade later, Osgood is a barely-functioning alcoholic ghosthunter for hire. But when she receives a cryptic, untraceable email, her yearning for mystery and adventure is reignited.

Embark on a dangerous investigation with Osgood as she follows threads winding through a sinister series of disappearances, including her former partner’s long missing sister, a once improbably popular band, and a traumatic event from her past. With masterfully vulnerable and relatable storytelling, Osgood as Gone is a gripping 21st Century horror story that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. This horror story is perfect for lovers of teen horror who are all grown up, exploring themes of loneliness, regret, and missing people. Osgood's character as an antihero and deeply flawed adds complexity and depth to the story. The well-written LGBT+ characters add even more depth and complexity to this gripping and mature story.

Critics are raving about the character of Prudence Osgood, who is as tortured as she is clever, broken in all the best ways, and a true heroine for our times. Her snarky wit and dark humor bring levity to this haunting tale. Don't miss the start of The Spectral Inspector series of supernatural horror mysteries, perfect for readers who value representation and diversity in their literature. Featuring sparkling dialogue, this bourbon soaked supernatural mystery is a must-read for anyone looking for an emotional journey into the world of paranormal investigations.

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71 reviews for Osgood as Gone

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  1. A very enjoyable modern occult detective tale featuring a pan sexual female lead, a great found family supporting cast and a gripping mystery. At times it’s very funny, at others it’s sweet, often it’s creepy as hell. It’s a measure of just how much I enjoyed it that I started book 2 in the series immediately.

  2. Where to begin?
    This book was amazing, a wild ride from start to finish and most of the time I had no idea Where the story was going But the suspense kept me hooked!

    The characters in the book was so unique and I really liked them and their little backstories and cant wait to learn more about them in the next books!
    The book was….wooow so creepy, the mysteries together with the Horror and paranormal detective vibes made this into the masterpiece it is. I was on edge through the whole book and even had to put it down when it got dark as I was scared of What I would see in the dark corners of my house!

    I loved this book and I cant wait to dive into the next one! All though I might need to read something happy and sunshine in between😅

  3. When I started this I wasn’t too sure but once I got into it it was very creepy.. I stopped reading last night as I knew I’d be too spooked to sleep otherwise 😂

    It’s a good story with a good ending and a few nods to The Dark Tower thrown in for good measure!

  4. I really liked this story and I'm glad there's more in the series. I like all of the characters and thought the plot was interesting and love a cliff hanger ending. Also I thought the writing style was very easy to read.

  5. If I never hear about Osgood's boobs again in my life, I'll die happy. Also, a 19-year-age gap in a new relationship? Ah, dating, I don't miss you.

    OTHERWISE, this was a good cosmic horror novel! Queer, disabled hot mess of a protagonist who treats everyone around her like a side character (but that's part of her journey), trying to track a strange message which might be tied to a 20-year-old very personal mystery.

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